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The Hermitage


Located on Sulphur Springs Road. You turn right at the interection of Lovers Lane & Sulphur Springs. You will then begin to go downhill, through a very windy road surrounded by forest and no light. It will be at the bottom on the right-hand side of the road. It is at the corner of Sulpher Springs Road with a parking lot.
For the best complete story and history about this historic site please visit Hamilton Paranormal's page on The Hermitige.

Is it haunted?
Yup, sure is!!! Every time i go to this place i get that very strange feeling that you are not alone. There is definately something else there, you can feel their presence. I also get that spider web effect while walking around the grounds of the ruins.

Monday, May.17/04
Notes: Victoria Day!!!



The pic on the left has a small ORB in between the bricks and you can see some type of mist behind the gate as well. The pic on the right has ecto-mist on the left-hand side.



The pic on the left has lots of mist on the upper right-hand side with some ORBS in and around it as well. The one on the right has some type of ecto-mist Vortex trail at the top right with a couple ORBS trailing it.



On the left picture there are a couple ORBS floating around. The pic on the right has lots of ORBS in it. There is a nice group/pack of them on the top left-hand side near the middle.



There is a nice, big, round blue-ish ORB on the right-hand side of the pic just above the grass in the 1st pic. The 2nd pic has a couple ORBS near the grass and tress.



In the two pics above, there are ORBS near the bricks of the ruins. They both appear on the back side of the front wall.



In the pic on left you can see some ecto-mist forming in the top right corner of the shot. In the 2nd pic you can see 2 ORBS, 1 in the shutters and 1 half of the other one in the top middle, that looks sort of orange.

Saturday, Oct.23/04
Notes: Not so much activity on this night, such as on previous nights. Just the usual "spider web" effect and colder spots in some areas. This site leads to many different paths into the forest which is pretty cool, so that you can go on your own little jouney in the woods!



In the pic on the left you can see some ecto-mist forming on the left-hand side of the picture. The pic on the right has an ORB near the top of the picture.



The pic on the left has 2 ORBS in it, one in the tree and a small one in the middle of the picture. In the pic on the right you can see an ORB in motion, moving upwards beside the tree on the left-hand side.



In both of the two very dark pics above you can see 2 very faint ORBS in each of the two pictures. Look closely and you should be able to see at least 1 in each.


In the pic above you can notice the white ecto-mist enity on the right-hand side of the photo. Very strong presence felt at this time.

Submitted Picture
Note: Taken and submitted to me by Jennifer. She said this was taken roughly about 2 years ago. This pic was taken at the front gate enterance/parking lot of the grounds.


You can notice all of the ecto-plasmic mist all over the picture. No visible ORBS that i can notice. Maybe 1 orange looking one towards the bottom of the pic.